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Eastbourne & District Friends of the Earth
November 13, 2020, 11:07 am

Bradford on Avon Town Council
November 12, 2020, 4:45 pm
We voted unanimously to support this charter at our Environment & Planning Meeting 11th November 2020. We agree with the articles as stated: our democaratic rights to influence planning and developmen, twhich should be sustainable and appropriate, protect our green-spaces for the well-being of people and to enhance biodiversity, and to tackle climate change. Submitted on behalf of the Council: Chair of Environment & Planning, Deputy Mayor

Roseacre Awareness Group (RAG)
November 12, 2020, 8:47 am

Shipley & Saltaire Living Streets
November 5, 2020, 7:52 pm
We represent diverse community of local supporters. Such local residents have a stake in the way their neighbourhoods look and function, and a right to to respond to concerns, not to mention substantial expertise in the local geography. Planning for future developments and transport infrastructure must continue to be scrutinised democratically through local councils and public consultation.

Aylestone Meadows Appreciation Society (AMAS)
October 30, 2020, 7:53 pm
We believe it is important for planning decisions to be properly scrutinised in an open and transparent manner. If these decisions are left to the organisations which have a clear vested financial interest, they will be biased and will not take proper account of environmental, ecological and conservation factors.

Territoire Europe
October 29, 2020, 10:56 am
We recognise this Charter as a statement of the values that are shared by all democracies, and the importance of spatial planning as a means to a 'living' democracy. We note that this aligns with the principles of the European Charter for Participatory Democracy in Spatial Planning Processes, and particularly Article 3 : "In a Participatory Democracy approach, a broad range of interests and needs are expressed by as wide as possible range of concerned people. The process must enable each of those impacted by or having an interest in a plan, policy or programme of action to participate." (Article 3, of the ECTP-CEU Charter). We encourage all elected representatives to publicly declare their commitment to a more participatory form planning.

The Norwich Society CIO
October 29, 2020, 8:37 am
Local communities are best placed to make planning decisions to ensure sustainable development which enhances the beauty, history and character of their local area

Steady State Manchester
October 28, 2020, 9:47 am

Friends of Ryebank Fields
October 27, 2020, 8:26 pm
We should have the same appeal rights as developers to challenge decisions which are not in public interest. Green spaces must be protected.

Save Greater Manchesters Greenbelt
October 27, 2020, 7:01 pm
We are a regional umbrella group campaigning to save green belt and green space across Greater Manchester. The White Paper Planning for the Future (PftF) moves away from planning based on evidence and is not fit for purpose, it puts the interests of landowners and developers before the community and is an end to community participation and the promise of a democratic planning system.